The Purpose of Painting


This week I picked up fifteen paintings that spent the last few months hanging at a local hospital. The next day I was talking to a friend about the opportunity to have art in the space, and they asked if the show had been "successful." I only had to think for a moment before I answered, "Yes!"

Sunflower on Edge | angela fehr watercolors

I don't expect to sell art everywhere I exhibit. There are some spaces (like hospitals) that aren't likely to result in sales, however this doesn't mean I am unwilling to show my work in those places. You see, art by its very nature is created to be seen. Any time my art is seen it is fulfilling its purpose, and in a place that is often full of pain, my hope is my paintings bring joy to the viewer and a little light in a difficult time. I don't think you can put a price on that.

northern lights watercolor by angela fehr

Success is in knowing I am fulfilling my purpose, just one of which is creating art. The many emails, calls and conversations I've had with people who have connected with my art on some deeper level is incredibly thrilling and was something I never anticipated when I first started painting.

Yesterday I signed an exhibition contract for another hospital show in 2016, this time in a larger hospital in another city. I am already thinking and planning new paintings to show that will lift the spirits and brighten the space.