July Painting of the Month: Spray of Wild Roses


July's painting of the month is my gorgeous "Spray of Wild Roses". I just love wild roses' sweet fragrance and gentle pink colour. In painting this I felt a part of all summer, like I was standing, planted, with the wind in my leaves and wafting my beauty on the air. Sometimes even my paintbrush feels guided by the breezes of June.

Spray of Wild Roses | watercolour by Angela Fehr https://angelafehr.com

As my Painting of the Month, I've made "Spray of Wild Roses" available briefly as giclee prints. You can order an 8" x 10" or 10" x12" print on paper, or fill a room with colour with a 24" x 30" print on canvas, but you must order by July 15th. After that the painting will no longer be available as a reproduction.

You can order your prints here, or purchase the original painting. If you are considering purchasing one of my original paintings, please contact me for a consultation. Buying art is very personal, and I want to give you every assurance that your painting will be the right fit for you, assist you with choosing framing if you wish, and answer any questions you might have.