Paint Splashes and Creative Classes!


It's a beautiful Canada Day and I'm pretty proud to be Canadian. I'm so thankful for my country; for the freedoms we enjoy, the diversity of its inhabitants and the vast beauty of our landscape. My husband is self-employed and rarely takes the holidays off, so I have a quiet day planned. I love my home and rarely complain about having to stay home instead of get out (unless I'm tired of making meals). Today I'll help the kids put a tent in the backyard, make a frozen dessert and maybe before I even get to those things, rush to the studio to check on a painting I started last night. I always love coming back to see what's happened between the last juicy brushstroke and the "morning after." I've also been busy recording my new courses! I started with a thought to update my "Basic Techniques" course, followed by creating "Loose & Fluid Watercolour II" and "Watercolour Sketches" but in beginning the new Loose course, I got excited about the idea of recording a new Florals course instead of the Sketches course, or maybe in addition to! Wouldn't it be great to have three new courses by fall?

Here's a peek at something you can see right now:

apple demo

This apple is demonstrated in my in-the-process-of-revision "Basic Techniques" course. It's $20 US for a limited time; I will be increasing the price when the update is complete as I am adding a ton of new information and demonstrations.

Also new today is this one-layer peony demonstration. This is a painting you can make in about five minutes, and it's so much fun!


You can watch the speedy version on my Youtube channel, or the full video with instructions in my "Joy of Watercolour" free online course. I add to this course periodically, sharing ways to experiment and explore watercolour, grow your skills and have fun in the process.

peony 4

Every painting holds a new colour experience, and I'm so excited about what I'm learning as I record what I already know. I grow my watercolour skills every time I paint, and every time I teach. It's one of the things that makes me excited about becoming an old lady; imagining how much better a painter I'll be in 20, 30, 40 years!

peony 3

So if your future looks a little dull and lifeless, grab a paintbrush and a tube of quinacridone magenta. You might just fall in love with colour!