Shaping Clay and Little Lives

School started earlier this month and my life got a lot busier! As you know, I homeschool my children and treasure the opportunity I have to engage my three in developing their love of learning, one that will hopefully follow them throughout their lives. I'm a bit of a history and literature geek, so I love being able to continue to study and learn with them, reading great books and discussing how the world works. I even like math - at least elementary math! We'll see when they hit high school... Every year we choose a few extra-curricular activities to participate in. Something sporty, something arty, trying for a variety so as to really give them an opportunity to experience the different disciplines that might fuel their passions as they grow older. This year they are continuing to learn music (ukulele and piano) and we also have been able to take pottery classes with a friend. This has been so fun to be involved in! It's been about three years since the last time we tried pottery and this set of classes has expanded on what we learned then, building larger and more interesting creations, and even trying to throw on the pottery wheel.

pottery r2

I was amazed they were each able to create a lovely bowl in just a few minutes with help from their instructor. Their focus was intense as they worked to shape the clay to their will. pottery s2

I confess I do not always expect much from my attention-seeking, active nine-year-old son. Three years ago his pottery participation was pretty limited and I did a lot of the work for him. This time he impressed me with his ability to follow through on a project, and his dexterity in shaping the clay was pretty good too! I think the time he's been spending with his dad learning how to fix his dirt bike have probably helped too.

pottery w2

It feels pretty great to create something cool and I think more than anything, this is the best gift my children receive; the knowledge that "I did it!" and the confidence that creates.

pottery r1

I think their smiles say it all. pottery s1

pottery wes1