Watercolour Sketches: A Study in Shapes

My newest online course, Watercolour Sketches went live today, a week ahead of schedule. I'm so glad it's done! (Well, almost done. I'm planning to add one last lesson on plein air sketching when time and weather allow.) It's a big undertaking to create a new course, and I don't know if I would have planned two courses to launch this summer had I known it would take so much of my time. I'm realizing how easy it is to take on too many projects and just because I have a grand idea doesn't actually mean I have the wherewithal to implement it!

Watercolour Sketches was supposed to be a small course, just a fun little foray into the building blocks - sketching - that help build a great painting. But like all my courses, as I worked on a syllabus and course videos, the course mushroomed, and I just couldn't leave out some of the techniques that really get me excited about playing with watercolour. River shape study one layer watercolour by Angela Fehr https://angelafehr.com

This is one of my favourite lessons from Watercolour Sketches. This simple, one layer painting, grew out of two redonkulously ugly sketches in my sketchbook. I've learned that sketchbooks are supposed to be embarrassing, full of amateurish doodles and ugly "what-if" ideas. From that awkwardness comes great paintings, and this study is no exception. I do plan to complete this fresh and loose study sometime down the road, but for now I'm just enjoying the mingling of beautiful colour and the dynamic and interesting compositional shapes. Some of my favourite elements of watercolour combined!

Watercolour Sketches can be purchased here for $39 USD  ($49 CAD) until October 5th. After October 5th, get the course for $49USD.