Angela Fehr Open Studio 2015

My first annual open studio night was a big success! I think it's pretty rare to have an event turn out just like you'd imagined, but that was exactly what happened. We had been out of town until Tuesday night, and so starting Wednesday I was busy getting ready; cleaning the studio, framing and organizing and pricing paintings, baking and making signs and oh, so much busyness! This night was also the unveiling of my 2016 watercolour calendar (order online here; on sale until October 9th) and I was pretty excited to show it off; it's beautiful this year! By supper on Friday the studio was ready; Bev & Marilyn were setting up their jewelry and pottery and everything looked so great together. Our work fits together well; you can see a mutual love for our region and the influence of its beauty in each piece we create, despite working in different artistic disciplines. open studio1open studio 2 open studio 3

And then people started to arrive. And they came, and stayed and visited, and shopped. It was such a fun night! I met many new people and just had fun sharing my studio and my art with them. I love talking about watercolour; it's a subject you know I'm passionate about and I just thrive on talking about. Open Studio night: Angela Fehr watercolour paintings

Because most of the guests were local, many of them recognized various scenes from my paintings, and that opened up further avenues for discussion, talking about the beauty of the Peace River country in which we live. Especially in fall, such a gorgeous time of year! Open Studio night: Angela Fehr watercolour paintings

Below I'm welcoming everyone to the event and introducing the musical guest, my friend Josiah Finke (you should check him out on Youtube here). Open Studio night: Angela Fehr watercolour paintingsJosiah's music was the perfect backdrop for the evening.

Open Studio night: Angela Fehr watercolour paintings It's so rewarding to see a plan come to fruition, and we are already making plans for next year's event. I wish you all could have been there!