Why Art Matters

This spring every framed painting I have left my home for a show in another town. My home and studio walls were bare. And it was a difficult time for me. Felt kind of lonely. freckled orchids

"Freckled Orchids" hangs in my living room.

The art on my walls acts much the same as a beautiful sunset; both feed my soul with beauty.

"Fragrant" watercolor painting by Angela Fehr

There are different reasons to buy art, and different ways to do it. As a college student, I hung vintage, black & white photo posters in my dorm room. A Bible verse art print hangs in our master bedroom; it was a wedding gift and has sentimental value, even though it doesn't really fit our decor any more. One favourite art piece is the pallet wall in our living room, featuring family photos from our vintage-styled shoot last year.

palette wall update close

I love home decor, and it's fun to decorate, to give our home a certain look & style that suits us and our space. But more than style, more than colour-coordinated accents and design trends, it is important to me to build into our look meaning and joy. That's why choosing pieces that renew and refresh the senses matters. Art that makes you feel a certain way (whether it be invigorated, at peace, uplifted, empowered), and creates those emotions every single day makes a huge contribution to the atmosphere of your space. And when you have this, you feel a little empty when it isn't there; like when my art is off the walls and out in a gallery.

"A Crack in the Hill" watercolour by Angela Fehr

There is something spiritual about original art and I truly believe it can be soul-feeding. What goes into my art comes out on the wall, and so if my painting makes you feel a particular emotion, you can know that you are hearing the echo of what was poured into it. The flow of liquid paint is an outlet for love, peace and joy, artistic therapy and self-expression, the song of the brush.

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