Fall Entry Points: Inspiration Through Decoration

Fall can look a little bleak once the leaves have fallen, before winter wraps the world in white. Our yard is looking pretty tidy, with leaves raked and summer toys in storage, but I was inspired by the beautiful porches and doorways on Pinterest to do something more with our home's entrances to make them look more colourful and welcoming.fall decor 2 The kids and I took a walk in the forest on Friday afternoon. Just behind our house is a wilderness of deadfalls and we were able to pull out birch and alder trees to cut into lengths for arranging on the porch. I'm actually getting a lot handier with a handsaw!fall decor

We "shopped" our home for accent pieces to use in our arrangement. The kids have great eyes for spotting objects to use. The giant log you see here does double duty as a prop for a bike jump during the summer, and the Pepsi crate usually holds painting supplies in my studio.

fall decor 3

After we finished with the porches, we had some materials left. I had cut wild rose bushes for their brilliant red rose hips. This variety is not especially prickly and so it wasn't too painful to arrange them into something pretty. I didn't even wash the Pepsi cooler down - it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. (that's a quote I love from the Nester.)

fall decor 4

My studio door is pretty ugly - it's recycled from the house and smudgy with paint, but again, it's not perfect, but I can still make it beautiful. The leaves are from my peony bush, and the little burlap bag was from a brand of coffee I bought because I loved the bag - finally, a chance to use it!

fall decor 5

Since I was immersed in foliage for several days, I couldn't help but start a foliage themed painting. I've been painting on it for the last several nights and it's so fun to see the changes as I add new layers and details. Watercolour Fall Foliage | Angela Fehr watercolours

Another way to make the colours of autumn last forever. foliage (6 of 6)