"A Walk in the Peace" opening recap & video

Last Friday night was the opening of my solo show, "A Walk in the Peace" at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery. I spent the last year and a half painting in preparation for this exhibition, and had over 40 paintings to display that show the beauty of our region and my love for its quiet, peaceful spaces. While I show art in the gallery as a part of group exhibitions several times a year, it's special to be the headliner, so to speak. I was able to speak to the local TV station and the newspaper about my art and inspirations; it's a good thing I do so much talking about watercolour in my classes and videos!

You can watch the interview here: http://bcove.me/k0regd31

"November Moon" watercolour, 11" x 15" 

"Spring Runoff" watercolour, 11" x 15" 

And I know that most of my fans and friends from all over the world won't be able to walk through the show here in northern British Columbia, so I made a video tour for you!

Watch it here:

Since the show opened, I'm enjoying a little break. January was hectic with framing and planning for the show (and the watercolour workshop that happened the same weekend), and launching my "Tropical Holiday" online course. I always have big plans I can't wait to implement, but for now I'm reminding myself that even inspired artists need a breather between projects!

The paintings in the gallery are all available for purchase. Please contact me if you wish to inquire about a painting.