Paint a Tropical Holiday in Watercolour: Online Watercolour Course

It may be freezing outside, but inside my studio, the breeze is warm and air smells like saltwater and tropical flowers! Join me in my new online watercolour class, Tropical Holiday, and enjoy painting the beauty of the tropics while learning techniques to help you grow your watercolour skills.

Lessons contain: 2 landscape scenes, 2 floral demonstrations and one abstract painting lesson.

Topics Covered:

  • planning a painting with sketches and studies
  • colour theory & mixing colour
  • stages of painting development, building from shapes to details
  • understanding values and using them to make paintings more appealing & dynamic
  • avoiding overworking
  • loose & fluid washes
  • techniques for adding texture
  • understanding and using paint's different properties
  • working with edges
  • fixing "mistakes"
  • painting without a pencil sketch or masking fluid

And, as always, your enrollment gives you access to the student gallery where you can post your projects inspired by the course. I check in weekly and offer guidance and critiques tailored to your skill level, style and specific issues.

Join the course today! Course is priced at $39 USD ($50 CAD). Course is self-paced, so you can take the lessons quickly, or savour them slowly, and with lifetime access, you can watch the lessons as many times as you'd like.

Today on Youtube I'm sharing a free lesson inspired by the course, painting a sunset & silhouette in watercolour, practicing graded washes. Watch the video here:

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