A Week in the Life


I'm so excited to finally launch my biggest course ever, Watercolour Mastery. This course took me over six months to create, and when I look at my life, I can see why. They say moms of teens are busy, and small business owners are busy, and when you're both, there's not a lot of time left over! Here's a look at what a typical schedule looks like around here: Monday, I devote to working at home. I catch up on email from the weekend and check in to course student galleries. This usually takes all morning, so afternoons are devoted to course creation. Once my children arrive home from school at 3:45, the rest of the day is family time.

Tuesday morning, I get my weekly newsletter out and prep for class. I teach art on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at my children's school. This semester is grades 5-6 and 7-8 and I love their energy and humor! 

Wednesday: At the computer again for emails, marketing and course creation. The most time consuming part of making online courses is editing video, so my goal is to one day contract it out. For now, I like that I have total creative control over every aspect of creating courses and lessons. At 11am I head to the studio for live broadcast prep. Any step-outs that need to be prepared in advance need to be painted so they have time to dry. Since I'm in the studio, I usually try to do a little painting, just for me, before I go live at 2pm. Following the broadcast, I pack up and head to town to run errands and pick up my daughter from piano lessons. Wednesday night I host a local painting class, so it's a good studio day.

Thursday: Pretty much just like Tuesday. Bookkeeping, class prep, teaching school and answering emails.

Friday: Friday is unpredictable. I get a full day at home, so I can devote this day to the studio, to course creation or business building. Last week I drove 90 minutes to the nearest larger city to deliver a painting and run errands I can't do in our small town, and when I got there I realized I'd been in such a hurry to get out the door, I'd forgotten the painting! So I'm headed back again this week.

Weekends: Weekends are for family, church and friends, taking time to recharge, eating out and planning for the week ahead. One thing I've learned is that email can wait, and I'm always happier for having unplugged for the weekend.