Introducing Watercolour Mastery, a 6 week interactive online course


Over the last six months, I've been working on a single new online course, and there have been times I thought I'd taken on more than I could handle!

It took so long!

Most online courses take me about two months to create, from start to launch, and to be designing, revising and filming course content for over six months felt intimidating and discouraging. Watercolour mastery is a HUGE topic, and a single six week course only scratches the surface of sharing tools that will arm you for a lifetime of painting. The benefit of taking so long to create a single course is that I've been able to really dig deep and pack this course with invaluable content to build your watercolour muscle.

My goal for Mastery:

My goal for Watercolour Mastery was to create a course that was comprehensive and interactive, to work alongside small groups of students as we process each week's topic together, and wrap each section with personal video content where I respond to your questions and critique student work. Your goal is to grow your skills and feel more confidence in your artistic voice, and my heart is to help you realize that goal with guidance and encouragement along the way.

6 Keys to Guide & Sneak Peek Into Mastery

In yesterday's video broadcast, I share the six keys that I believe are essential to mastering watercolour and moving to the "next level" as a watercolour painter. Professional artists use these techniques to learn and motivate themselves, often without even realizing it!

Image: Mastery Title Screen

How it Works:

Watercolour Mastery launches April 16th, and is officially open for pre-enrollment. The course lessons are structured to release once a week, focusing on a new Mastery Principle each week. I include printable information sheets, explanations of the principle and video lessons illustrating how I use the principles in the course to guide my own artistic discipline. Each week wraps with a live video session on Fridays where I check in and respond to your questions and submitted projects.

Your Video Guide to the Course:

Yesterday's broadcast does a thorough job of answering any questions you might have about the course, as well as showing sneak previews of the paintings created in the video lessons. Watch it here:


Enroll in Watercolour Mastery here. Use code FIRSTIN to take advantage of the introductory offer of $48 USD off your enrollment. 

This course will be available on a cyclical basis as I will open it for enrollment every 2 months. Each series will progress over a six-week time period, with the interactive portion closing after the six weeks has ended. Students will retain enrollment to the course & lessons for the lifetime of the course, so you can watch the lessons over and over again.